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Sleep 4 Babies is Live and Rest Coaching's online pediatric sleep course for families with infants ages 4 months to 24 months. In this course, we bust the common myths of sleep training and find an empowering approach to teach your child the skills of independent sleep.

Can you imagine..

  • A fun and relaxing routine to prepare your child for sleep.
  • Laying them down while they are still awake without screaming and crying.
  • Giving them a kiss on the head and leaving the room and they roll over and happily go to sleep.
  • As you leave their room, you and your spouse enjoy some time together. You have dinner, watch a movie, and have an adult conversation.
  • You wake the next morning refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead because you had a night of peaceful, revitalizing, noninterrupted sleep!

Through our program, you’ll...

  • Understand what causes the constant night wakings, and how you can stop them.
  • Have a proven, step-by-step strategy that allows you to teach your toddler how to fall asleep easily and independently at bedtime so you don’t have to spend hours rocking, nursing, and/or bouncing your child to sleep each night.
  • Get your evenings back!! You will have some time to reconnect with your partner. Heck, you could even get to work on the next one!!
  • Have the opportunity to say “LATER” to those exhausting wake-ups on repeat once and for all!

What you can expect...

  • Submit your sleep situation questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire is evaluated by a professional sleep consultant to ensure your family's specific needs are met.
  • Your personalized sleep plan is created and sent to you.
  • You access your online portal for the self-paced e-course to build the foundation for your implementation.
  • You have 3 months of access to weekly LIVE group q/a zoom sessions.  (Attend live or submit questions in advance)
  • Upon Graduation, you get 1-year access to the online videos.

U will not regret It!”

“I had not slept much since my daughter was born. She was 7 months and I was exhausted! I nursed her to sleep every nap and at bedtime then when she woke during the night I would co-sleep with her. I didn’t know HOW to transition from doing this to what we are doing now. Now my little girl is taking 2 good naps a day in her crib and sleeping through the night in her crib with her doing it all herself with little assistance from me. It is truly Amazing! Plus she has had a huge growth spurt!! If u are having trouble with trying to figure out what advice to take or what to do.. call Dana. U will not regret It!” - Traci


*The advice you receive within Sleep 4 Babies is for informational purposes only and is intended for use with common early childhood sleep issues that are wholly unrelated to medical conditions. Dana’s advice is NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or another qualified health practitioner regarding any matters that may require medical attention or diagnosis.